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Landscape Architect


Allens Caravans Estates Ltd employed Penny Wagner as our Consultant Landscape Architect over a period of 11 years from 1998 to 2009. Penny produced for us a Master Plan and Management Report for 150 holiday homes on an 84 acre site at Lower Moor in Worcestershire.

At the time of Penny’s initial involvement, the site was a working sand and gravel quarry, consisting of a number of large lakes.

After receiving approval from the local planning authority, Penny went on to produce further reports and designs for roadways and access routes along with detailed planting designs for both planning purposes and for implementation on site.

We were very pleased that Penny’s designs blended both the needs of the wildlife on the site and that of the holiday home owners. Her role also involved selecting 30,000 trees, shrubs, bulbs and wild flora, placing the plants on site and instruction of our workforce.

Penny created diverse habitats which have enriched the lives of both the holiday home owners and that of the wildlife.

We value her work highly and are hoping she will help us again with future projects.”

Ashton Hall, Parks & Estates Director”

“My garden was uninspiring and I found it difficult to motivate myself to do anything in it so I asked Penny for help!

The plans she produced were, to my mind, extremely imaginative and the finished result is amazing. Somehow the garden incorporates the features of my cottage and complements them. It has suddenly become a real pleasure to me and my friends.  One lady just comes in and sits here- before going on her way!

The bonus, as far as I am concerned, is that Penny continues to take an interest and helps with problems like those created by the incredibly hard winter we had which left a lot of gaps in the planting. She is a plantswoman as well as a Landscape Architect and oversaw the original planting.”

Diana Boardman, Charlton

“Mrs Penny Wagner has undertaken a large amount of landscape work for us at our hotel in Pershore, which has included re-designing the car park and sourcing many planters and shrubs. Penny has also designed our new Courtyard Garden and we are extremely pleased with the work that she has carried out for us. This is part of a three year project.

I would recommend Penny’s work to anyone who is seeking a landscape designer as her attention to detail, reliability and dedication to the project is second to none.”

Darren Eden, on behalf of The Angel Hotel, Pershore.