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National Trust: Croome Court Worcestershire.

Designed by Capability Brown in the mid 1700’s.

Concern over the condition of historic parks and gardens has increased in recent years with the placing of a stronger emphasis on their intrinsic value and the consequent importance of their preservation for the future. Any form of intervention, whether through development or management, will have an impact upon a landscape. It is therefore vital that there is a good understanding by both owners and the local authority of the original design of a particular park or garden, and subsequent evolution to its current state. Accurate research and information is the basis of all good restoration and management schemes.’ (Wychavon District Council Historic Parks and Gardens 2013.)

Penny has taught landscape and garden history at Pershore College for a number of years, and as a result has developed an in-depth knowledge of the different periods and styles associated with our heritage, whether these are recognised by English Heritage or perhaps fall outside their grading criteria. Using Landscape Character Analysis in combination with this historical knowledge allows Page Wagner to research into and about an historic landscape with sensitivity, and relevance to the client’s needs. This knowledge can then form the basis for sensitive and appropriate design.

At Pershore College, students studying in their third year for their degree in horticulture from the University of Worcester, had to undertake a dissertation on an agreed subject. Penny has tutored many students, some of whom have worked on historical landscape topics. These have included research into the restoration of parts of the grounds at Croome Park, such as the arboretum, flower garden, walled garden and use of herbs at Croome. The National Trust working in collaboration with both Penny and her past students have been extremely supportive of this work, and they in turn have gained from the conclusions and recommendations students reach. Other historical gardens have been studied such as at Hanbury Hall, Stanbrook Abbey or historic  parks which are to be developed such as at Malvern Hills and Worcester City.